How does it work?


The individual cotton threads that make up these garments are all water repellent, when woven together they create a water resistant garment that repels stains, and odor while remaining fully breathable and super soft..!


·      Wash Normally and Hot Dry Normally (Hot Dry Recharges the Garment)

·      Treatment creates a long lasting High Performance Garment. (Tested up to 40 washes)

·      When the garment finally gets dirty any trapped grime will be washed away.

·      Since the fibers cannot absorb moisture, they do not absorb the proteins in your sweat. This help prevent bacteria from growing causing odor.


Does it get wet?


When fully saturated the garment may appear soaked. However, what you are seeing is trapped water between the weave of the material. Our high performance prevents the garment from holding water, allowing for an extremely minimal wet pickup.


·      Light weight when used in water.

·      Fibers never are saturated and stretch permanently

·      Less Water to wash (Save water)

·      Less drying time (Save Energy)

·      Minimal shrink and fade.


Is it safe?


The High Performance treatment is an 80% to 90% water based solution. It has also been lab tested and approved for safety and performance.


·      During treatment the solutions are mixed by hand and completely safe on skin.

·      A former NASA scientist with over 30 years of experience in R&D for major apparel corporation developed the High Performance you are about to experience.